Bio-box performance and Pulsum V.2 @ Sight & Sound Montreal

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20/05 – 25/05

Alien invasion. Robot takeover. Space-time disruption. Inter-dimensional travel. Outer space communications. Time travel transplants. Virtual reality habitat. Artificial intelligence laboratory. Computer-brain synthesis. Manufactured biology. Cyborg legalities. Post-genetic interface. Transformative body. Hybrid shapes. Socially engineered output. Post-surveillance phase. Post-apocalyptic projection. Insurgent future.

Science Faction is a dizzying and multifaceted observation of a world undergoing profound change. Is it legitimate for us to say that we are witness to this change? That we remain neutral vis-à-vis rapid technological evolution? Are we vigilant in our enthusiasm for and acceptance of integrated systems, networked gadgets, connected machines, constant information streaming?

Science Faction is about fear of the unknown; but also, because, inarguably, the idea of communicating with otherworldly beings or robots overpowering humans in a dystopian futurist society are images forever embedded in the consciousness of everyday people, Science Faction is about the sheer power of the imaginary. For over a century, the works of authors like Clarke, Butler, Delaney, Le Guin, Verne, Wells, Asimov, Bradbury, Dick, have captivated a modern audience and prompted it to speculate about the