DTV2 @ Play with Me: Interactive Installations

Play with Me explores the interactive potential of contemporary art within installation art. The exhibition seeks to dispel notions of distance by breaking down barriers of access to art by the public, so that contemporary art can be experienced by the audience as engaging and approachable. The artists selected promote the participation of the spectator with work that stimulates their playful participation; a key idea in the exhibition is to perceive traditional mediums such as painting, for example, beyond the established conventions and barriers between the viewer, the work of art and the institution, by allowing an immersive experience within the painting itself as opposed to observing it from a distance as an enclosed picture plane.

This exhibition proposes multiple layers of complexity for the viewer, engaging them personally but also inviting them to see their role on a larger or global context. It challenges audiences to renegotiate the idea of contemporary art, the space in which they interact with it and broader elements including the use of technology and society’s acceptance of technological surveillance, furniture as a significant element of our daily life and the space we inhabit, as well as major issues such as the environment. The artists and installations for Play with Me propose to create an environment which is thought-provoking and unconventional, engaging and playful.

This exhibition will feature 10 large scale installations by artists interested in interaction and the relationship of the object with the spectator. Artists in consideration include Franklin Cassaro (Brazil), Cubo (Mexico/US), Dream Addictive (Mexico), Darío Escobar (Guatemala), Federico Herrero (Costa Rica), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Mexico), Antonio Manuel (Brazil), Ernesto Neto (Brazil), Pedro Reyes (Mexico) and Sofía Táboas (Mexico).