Untitled Mood is a real-time video installation that explores the boundary between public and private person. The installation consists of a scenario that leads the audience in two ways: At first it activates the astonishment of the participants finding themselves in a public space. On the second stage, the audience reacts by adopting a simulation status, based on attitudes, postures and gestures of the public image of who they are or who they desire to transmit to society when they realize they are being observed UntitledMood works as a closed circuit, build in Processing, which through a joystick moving images on a two-dimensional plane, creating a collage of snapshots.

Untitled Mood es una una video instalación en tiempo real que explora el límite entre la persona pública y privada. Funciona como un circuito cerrado programado en Processing, el cual a través de un joystick desplaza las imágenes en un plano bidimensional, creando un collage de instantáneas.